A Lot is a group of the same plants which are ready on the same date and have the same scheduled tasks and resources.

View Lot Details:

To view a specific lot detail simply click on the lot you want to see.

  • Lot number: Unique identifier for each individual lot.
  • Organizational Unit: Individual company branch.
  • Resource: Resource of type plant which populates this lot.
  • Ready date: Date when the lot is ready for sale.
  • Start Week: Scheduled potting date.
  • Ready week: Ready date converted to Year/Week format.
  • Planned Quantity: Production planned quantity. Goal or objective.
  • Potted Quantity: Actual Potted quantity across all locations (Sum of all locations for a specific lot).

Edit Lot:

To edit a lot first click on the specific lot you want to edit, then click on the EDIT button.

  • Lots cannot be Edited if they have a potted quantity.

After clicking on EDIT, make the changes then simply SAVE or CANCEL those changes.

View Lot Locations:

To view lot locations click on the specific lot, then click on “Lot Locations”. This will show the different locations for a lot within the Organization Unit.

View Lot’s Tasks and Resources:

The “Tasks and Resources” field shows the different scheduled tasks and resources needed for a specific lot.

To view a lot’s Task and Resources simply click on the specific lot, then click on “Tasks and Resources”.

Edit Lot’s Tasks and Resources:

To edit a lot’s tasks and resources follow the step above, then click on EDIT. After that you can add a new task or delete the current task. Finally SAVE or CANCEL the changes.