Organizational Units


The section Organizational Units stores the independent company branches. These branches are completely independent from each other, although they belong to the same company.

Add Organizational Unit:

To add an Organizational Unit simply click on the Add button and complete the fields necessary.

Fields Outline:

  • Name: Name of organizational unit.
  • Allow Sales Rep Select Provisioning Location: Defines if sales representatives can assign the provisioning Packing House to all sales orders.
  • Allow Sales Rep Select Packaging: Defines if sales representatives can select packaging details for every sales item.
  • Allow Sales Rep Select Delivery Method: Specifies if sales representatives can define the delivery method for every sales order.
  • Show Sales Order Qty in Detailed Pulling Report: If checked, shows the original sales item quantity when printing the detailed pulling report.
  • Allow Sales Rep Change Shipping Date: If checked, allows sales representatives to change the shipping date.
  • Auto Populate Inventory Availability: If checked, disables the sales availability feature. All quantity in Inventory Stocks are available for sales automatically. Inventory management department does not set when the plant is available.
  • Keep Resource Cost: If checked, disables the auto-calculation cost based on every bill of materials). The cost of every resource is kept across the system and it has to be defined manually in the resource table.
  • Reserved Inventory Timeout: Defines how long the goods are reserved when you create a pulling report.
  • Reserved Availability Timeout: Defines how long the sales availability is reserved for every Sales Order in Draft status.
  • Time Zone: Time zone where the organizational unit is located.
  • Metrics Check Time (Lead time 5min): Defines when the automatic process, that generates all scheduled tasks, is triggered. If you need to run this process now, the system has a lead time of 5 min. Example: If it is 10.00am and you need to force the automatic process, you have to type at least 10.05am and the system automatically will trigger the process at that time.
  • Spray Base Quantity: Capacity definition for Mix concentration in water when spraying. Example: for 100 gallons, type 100.
  • Spray Base Quantity UOM: Unit of measure for Capacity definition of Mix concentration in water for spraying. Example: gallon, liter.
  • Area UOM: Base unit of measure used to define physical location areas. Example: Acre, Square Meter, Hectare, etc.
  • Organizational Units can also be filtered by Archived or not Archived.