Physical Locations


The Physical Locations section defines the different locations for a particular company including the Farms, Bays, and Greenhouses.

Add Physical Location:

To add a physical location simply click on the Add button and fill out the details including Name, Physical Location Type and Area size.

Physical location types are arranged in a hierarchical structure where children cannot be bigger than its parents.

  • Zone
    • Farm (This level is the most important in the structure, because it has teamwork and the address)
      • Area
        • Bay

Fields Outline:

  • Name: Name of physical location.
  • Barcode: Unique identifier for a physical location.
  • Physical Location Type: Defines the type of physical location (Zone, Farm, Area, Bay).
  • Organization Unit: Defines the organizational unit where the physical location is.
  • Area: The extent or measurement of the physical location.

Add Team Work:

Physical Locations can also have children within them, including multiple farms, greenhouses, or bays.

It is important to note that at the Farm level, ‘Team Work’ can be assigned to all farms. This Team Work can be selected from the list of ‘Person Groups’ and can have any lable.

Add a child:

Add a child using the ‘Add child’ button and filling out the fields. Then simply Save or Cancel the changes.

Current children can also be edited to change their name, organizational unit, or area.