Storage Locations


The Storage Locations section defines the different locations to store resources, not including locations at the field like greenhouses or uncovered zones used for growing. In a storage location users cannot perform production tasks, they are only able to receive and deliver inventory stocks. These locations can include warehouses, packing houses and shelfs.

Add Storage Location:

To add a storage location simply click on the Add button and fill out the fields, which include the Name, Storage Location Type, and Address. Then simply Save or Cancel the changes.

Fields Outline:

  • Name: Name of storage location
  • Type: Defines the type of warehouse.
Storage typeDescription
Warehouse Usually used to store hard goods
Potting areaUsed for potting machine areas
Section Section in warehouse
ShelfShelf in section

  • Virtual: Used for virtual locations like trucks.
  • Organizational unit: Defines the organizational unit where the storage location is.
  • Teamwork: Defines what teamwork can perform inventory operations in this location.
  • Address: (optional) Defines the address of the location.
  • City: (optional) Defines the city address.
  • State: (optional) Defines the state address.
  • Zip Code: (optional) Defines the zip code.
  • Country: (optional) Defines the country.
  • Location: (optional) Defines the physical location where the storage location is located (if needed).

Add Team Work:

It is important to note that at the Warehouse level, Team Work can be assigned to all Warehouses. This Team Work can be selected from the list of ‘Person Groups’ and can have any label.

Add a child:

Add a child using the Add child button and filling out the fields. Then simply Save or Cancel the changes.

Current children can also be edited to change their name and type.

Fields Outline:

  • Name: Name of child location.
  • Type: Type of child location.