The Carriers section contains the different carriers which the company will use.

Add a Carrier:

To add a Carrier simply click on the Add button and fill out the fields. After that, just Save or Cancel the changes.

Fields Outline:
  • Name: Name of carrier.
  • SCAC Code: The Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) is a unique two-to-four-letter code used to identify transportation companies.
  • Type: Carrier type.
  • Shipper Number: Unique identifier of shipper.
  • Street Address: Main street address of carrier.
  • Street Address 2: Secondary street address of carrier.
  • City: City address of carrier.
  • Zip Code: Zip code address of carrier.
  • Country: Country of carrier.
  • State: Sate of carrier.
  • Phone: Carrier’s phone.
  • Fax: Carrier’s fax.
  • Email: Carrier’s email.