Entering supplier receipts

This explanation is for the US, Canada, Europe, South America and South Africa. Maybe in other countries you can work in a different way. If you have a different procedure for entering suppliers receipts, just let us know and we can create a special feature.

You have to complete two steps at two different moments of time:

  • Create a purchase order for a supplier
  • When the items arrive to the company, create an Inventory Receiving for this purchase order

Create a Purchase Order.  

Purchases-> Purchase Orders-> Add Button

(This is like a purchase request to a vendor). This purchase order can be exported to the Accounting system for its payment or send to the supplier in PDF format.

Add items, quantity and purchase price, when you finish, press Save button

When you save your purchase order, you can print it or download it and send it to the vendor.

Entering supplier receipt when items arrive

When the items arrives to the company (Warehouse, Greenhouse or Open bed, it depends on what kind of items you purchased)

Create an inventory receiving 

Inventory->Movement-Inventory Receivings-> Add Button

Select the purchase order, type in the receipt number, select the destination. When you complete the receiving form, you will see all pending items to receive

Now you have to locate every item in their correct storage location. Select every item and put them in a section

1- Select the line item
2- Press Add button for a new item receiving
3- Select the final section in warehouse or greenhouse
4- Type in the receiving quantity (the receiving could be total or partial, such as you can create a big purchase order in January and make partial receivings every month)
5- Repeat the same steps for every purchase order item

Receiving item 1

Receiving item 2

When the Receiving is completed with all final destinations, you can press Save(as a draft) or Save and Apply. This action will increase your inventory stocks. Now you can print the Receiving ticket (if needed)

Now let’s verify the generated inventory movements

Inventory -> Activity -> Inventory Stocks

Filter by Resource Name for quick search and verify stock quantities

If you want to see the Stock card movements

1- Select the inventory stock item
2- Press Print button and you will see all print options
3- Select Stock Card PDF (or HTML for preview)

See the Stock card with all details. In this case we have just only one movement, but here you will have all inventory movements for this Inventory Stock item (Purchases, Dispensations, Adjustments, Transfers and so on)