Integration with Xero

  1. Configure Xero Integration
    (For token renewal, jump to Step 3.3)

2. Activation request.

Send a request to technical suport ( for Xero integration activation. Once your integration is active, Xero section will be available and Xero icon wil be active.

3. Xero integration configuration.

3.1 Due to Xero purchase order does not have a freight cost field, we have to define a purchase freight service.

Setting -> Services -> Click on Add button -> Complete form -> Click on Save button
Adding freight service item

3.2 Due to Xero invoice does not have a shipping amount, we also have to define an Income shipping service.

3.3 Xero integration configuration.

Integration -> Xero -> Configuration

1) Type admin email address.
2) Select shipping item code.
3) Select freight item code.
4) Press Save button.

3.4 Press Generate new token button and enter your Xero credentials.

Select the organisation you want to connect with Planting Nursey and press
Allow access button.

If everything goes well, you will see your organisation connected

3.5 Import Xero accounts clicking Syncronize accounts button

3.6 Chech if Chart of account was populated

3.7 Check if Tax Rates were populated

3.8 Select default income and purchase account codes

1- Click on Edit Button on the bottom of the page.
2- Select default income account code
3- Select default purchase account code
4- Click on Save button

3.9 Check the final Xero integration configuration

If your configuration looks like this picture, you are done.

All sales orders and purchase order will be exported and updated in real time

Aditional information

Important: Only one organisation can be connected to Planting Nursery. If you generate a token for multiple tenant you will receive an error message.

Validating error handler for a second organisation:
Press Generate new token button

Addig a new organisation

Check the invalid token

View posted documents

If you want to check manually the integration process, you can use the Invoices features and the Purchase order feature under the Xero menu

In order to see synchronized documents, use the filter and select Posted = Yes. 

You can re-synchronize posted documents manually selecting documents and click on the Synchronize button