Storage Locations

Back The Storage Locations section defines the different locations to store resources, not including locations at the field like greenhouses or uncovered zones used for growing. In a storage location users cannot perform production tasks, they are only able to receive and deliver inventory stocks. These locations can include warehouses, packing houses and shelfs. AddContinue reading “Storage Locations”

Organizational Units

Back The section Organizational Units stores the independent company branches. These branches are completely independent from each other, although they belong to the same company. Add Organizational Unit: To add an Organizational Unit simply click on the Add button and complete the fields necessary. Fields Outline: Name: Name of organizational unit. Allow Sales Rep SelectContinue reading “Organizational Units”

Company Information

Back The Company Information section contains the company’s name, address, and email, amongst other details. Fields Outline: Company Name: Defines the name by which a corporation wants to be identified. Email: Email associated with the company. Street Address: Defines the address of the company. City: City where company is located. State: US State where company is located.Continue reading “Company Information”